Putget I Farró

It is a neighborhood of the district of Sarriá-San Gervasio of the city of Barcelona. It consists of two zones or neighborhoods, the Putget, to the north, and the Farro, to the south. This grouping of these two neighborhoods was created in 2007 from the new distribution of neighborhoods approved by the Barcelona City Council.
At present a good part of its surface is occupied by the park of Putget, one of the lungs of the city. It was in 1870 when they began to build some towers for the Barcelona bourgeoisie who moved from the Old City. This district was part, along with the Bonanova and Lledó, of the old municipality of Sant Gervasi in 1879. In its origins it was a nucleus mainly of summer but with the arrival of the railway of Sarriá in Barcelona, the metro and trams became a place of habitual residence.

putxet i farro